March 12, 2012

Review: Shadow of the Witte Wieven by Debbie Peterson

Title: Shadow of the Witte Wieven
Author: Debbie Peterson
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: InkSpell Publishing (Apr. 21st 2012)
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Goodreads Synopsis
Despite a contract on her head, lone Drug Enforcement Agent, Aliyana Montijo must ferret out a mole and stop the assassination of top DEA officials, as so ordered by the Colombian drug lord she seeks to take down. The task is a daunting one, for there is no one she can trust. No one that is, until she encounters a most unlikely ally.
Former seventeenth century captain of the Dutch West Indies Company, Wolfaert Dircksen Van Ness, now from a parallel dimension, encounters the beautiful agent during an unearthly storm in the Bermuda triangle. Drawn to the Spanish beauty he rescues, he pledges his assistance, despite her reluctance to accept either his help or his heart.
Can Wolf bridge both space and time to claim the woman he loves?


When Shadow of the Witte Wieven became available for review, I almost passed it up. It wasn't because I didn't want to read it, I did. It's exactly the sort of story I love to read. I just wasn't sure that I had time for it. Well, I am very glad that I did not pass up the opportunity to read this book. I loved it!

Aliyana Montijo is a DEA agent on assignment to gather information against Emil Mercado, a known drug lord for the Columbian cartel, by posing as a security specialist hired to install a new security system at Emil's compound. On the day she finishes the job she knows that Emil won't let her leave so she escapes in Emil's Twin Otto plane only to encounter a dark storm cloud. She ends up crashing, after landing the plane in the water. Wolfaert Dircksen Van Ness, captain of the Witte Wieven, having seen Aliyana crash, rescues her.

What Aliyana isn't aware of, at first, is that she is no longer in her own realm, she's in the in-between. With Wolf's and his crew's help, they return Aliyana to her own realm. However, they wish to help her with her assignment and that's where the adventure begins.

Wolf and his crew have unique abilities that help with Aliyana's mission. I found this part of the story particularly fun and fascinating. Also, since Wolf and most of his crew are from the 1600s they have a more proper way of speaking which I enjoyed. It sort of gave the story a historical feel. The romance aspect didn't come about right away but was really sweet. Apart from the fact that there were a couple of actions that were repeated perhaps too often, and that aspects of the story could have been drawn out just a little more, there wasn't anything that I disliked.

I really enjoyed this book. There were moments where I laughed and others were I cried. If you like light romances with adventure and suspense, give Shadow of the Witte Wieven a try. I don't know whether there will a sequel but I certainly wouldn't object if there was. :)

** I received an eARC copy of the book from InkSpell Publishing for review.**

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  1. I liked this one too. I was worried because usually when an author attempts to write a novel with more than two genres, the story gets butchered. But in Witte Wieven, Debbie Peterson did a great job. Aliyana and Wolf are both strong characters, and their relationship isn't dysfunctional like a lot of novels are right now.