April 20, 2012

Authors On Reviews - A Book Blogger Hop

Authors On Reviews: To Comment Or Not To Comment

Should Authors Comment On Reviews? Why?

When I was invited to participate in this, I actually really liked the idea of giving my opinion mainly because I'm a relatively new book reviewer/blogger. Besides that, I imagine that my opinion may differ greatly from others.

From my personal experience, I'd never received a comment on a review from an author until I joined an ARC list and began requesting the available books for review. I thought that it was really nice to receive a comment, but I certainly wasn't expecting it. Since then I have received comments from other authors who's books I've reviewed. The comments are usually just to say thank you for the reviews and/or to say that they are glad that I enjoyed their books. Although a short reply, I didn't mind. I'm grateful for any acknowledgement for the time I took to post the review.

Now, would I like it if more authors commented on my reviews? Yes, I think I would. Reviews help to influence buyers and that can be quite a big help in an authors sales, so even if it is a simple thank you that's better than nothing. However, the real question here is... should authors comment on reviews? Honestly, I feel it would be really nice of them to do so, but I don't know that I believe they should have to. Maybe they don't have the time to comment on reviews. Maybe they don't read reviews. There could be any number of reasons why an author doesn't comment. About the only time that I think an author should definitely comment on a review is when they specifically ask you to review their book. Maybe over time my opinion will change. I guess we'll see.

I'm very curious to read what the other bloggers in this hop think because I'd like to know what they expect from authors. I'm sure they all have been at this much longer than I have, so their expectations are likely to be higher than mine. And if you are an author, I'd most definitely like to know what you think.

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  1. I personally like comments as well but I don't expect them. Very nice and well written post. I enjoyed reading it :)

  2. As an author, I've always heard that you shouldn't comment on reviews and I can see the logic in it. Maybe the reviewer would think twice about an honest review if they think there will be a response.
    On the other hand, it seems unwise not to even acknowledge the reviewer for their hard work. I always thank the person for the review, whether it's good or bad. Beyond that, I'm afraid to say more. Many times I feel like gushing all over the page but refrain from sounding unprofessional. :D It's really hard to know which way to go.

  3. Thank you very much Jenn!

    Laura, I never thought of it like that. Very good point.

    I appreciate you both for giving your opinions!

  4. I think it's up to each writer to do what makes them comfortable. I certainly don't agree with commenting if the writer has a problem with the review. It comes across as unprofessional.

  5. People tend to say things online that they would never say to a persons face. I think that is where much of the drama started and then snowballed. Professional courtesy is key. I'm personally all for comments.

  6. I agree. If asked by an author to read and review a Thank You should be expected.

  7. ARC reviews usually get more attention from not only the readers, but also writers!

    Thanks for your participation!

  8. Great points!! I think most everyone agrees we like comments ..lol...so no intimidation here :)