August 28, 2012

A Bunch More Personas

I've gone a bit Persona crazy as of late. :) I guess that's what happens when I don't make any at all for a long time. Again there are a bunch of book related designs but plenty of others as well. Honestly I don't know if very many of the visitors here even use Personas, but hopefully you don't mind me posting them.

As always, Personas are for use with the Firefox browser and the Thunderbird email client. :)


 Angry Birds

Angry Birds in Space

Arrow (CW TV Series)

Bel Ami



Expendables 2

Joe Manganiello

Journey 2 - The Mysterious Island

 The Hunger Games



 Snow White and the Huntsman

 The Odd Life of Timothy Green

 Where's My Water

The Apparition



  1. I'm using your "Alice in Wonderland" persona right now! Oh, are you excited for the premiere of Arrow? You made quite two personas for that. What about Beauty & the Beast?

  2. Arrow does look really good, and I would probably like Beauty and the Beast as well, since I remember watching the original B&B show. My only concern is that I'll start watching it and then start missing episodes because of getting lost in a book I might be reading. That's happened a lot the last couple years. And once that happens, I usually give up on watching a show if I've missed too many episodes.

    With the one Arrow Persona design, I liked the poster art that I'd seen for the show and was more curious as to whether I could recreate the windows that were seen in it. It was definitely a fun one to do. :)