September 28, 2012

Promised Land Trailer

Some of you might remember that earlier this year I worked as an extra in the movie Promised Land which was filmed very close to were I live. Well, recently the trailer for the movie was released, so I thought I'd post it here.

Also, when I watched the trailer, I spotted myself in it. :) In the screen still below is one of the town hall scenes that was filmed. I'm to the left of the guy with the white cowboy hat on in the front of the bleachers. Matt Damon's back is to the camera in the middle. Hal Holbrook is the one standing up in the bleachers with the beige vest on. Tim Guinee is below the N in the Pioneer sign with his arms crossed. The movie is scheduled for limited release at the end of December and worldwide release in early January.

Also, one of the other movies that I was an extra in, Won't Back Down, premieres today. My sister and I are headed out to see it tonight.

This is the scene from Won't Back Down that I filmed:

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