October 2, 2012

Blog Tour - Guest Post: Patricia K. McCarthy

Shall Write

Today I have for you a guest post by The Crimson Crimes author Patricia K. McCarthy in which she answers the following questions!

Have you received any backlash about the controversial material in the book? How did you respond?

The provocative content of my fifth novel, The Crimson Crimes, so freaked out one family member that we are no longer speaking to one another. Their intense reaction caught me off guard and I was unprepared at the time it happened. I immediately reached out to my editor and sought his support. One could teach students how to deal with backlash in English Literature and other writing programs; however, you cannot gauge the reaction of how your fiction will be received until it has actually been released into the public. Friends, family, acquaintances and strangers can sometimes confuse fiction with reality or rather a character’s image can become mixed-up with reality. Some of my readers have commented that I must have an amazing sex life, given that I write explicit sex. While I’m not one to dissuade people from holding onto their illusions, I do not want to subject my personal life to their scrutiny. I refrain from inserting myself into my fiction and refuse to admit the truth to anyone. I have been told that my work is ribald and unsuitably graphic and conversely have also been applauded for its honesty. In the end, as a writer you live with your words. A writer should only ever write for themselves and not for their audience. As Shakespeare eloquently said, ‘To thy own self be true’. You’ll be setting yourself up for failure if you write to please someone. But be prepared to defend your turf and don’t be surprised if your writing shocks people. One woman, after having read my first Crimson novel declared that I needed psychological counseling, to which I sarcastically retorted, “Of course I could benefit from therapy, that’s why I write vampire erotica.” The only warning I can give for an aspiring writer is: When your fiction hits a nerve, you won’t have time to run for cover.

Author Bio:
Patricia K. McCarthy lives and writes in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Her Crimson vampires series has received extensive media coverage in national and local newspapers, as well as on radio and television. For details, visit her website.

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