October 14, 2012

Review: Blaze by Joan Swan

Title: Blaze
Author: Joan Swan
Genre: Paranormal Romantic Suspense
Publisher: Brava (Sept. 25, 2012)
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The hotter they come, the harder they fall…

With a man like him, every mission becomes personal…
Ever since FBI agent Keira O’Shay started tracking a young boy named Mateo, she’s felt a connection even her empathic abilities can’t explain. She needs to save Mateo from the cult leader holding him hostage. Nothing can interfere with that—not even the reappearance of Luke Ransom, the hot-as-hell fire captain she’s regretted walking out on for three long years.

Losing Keira left Luke vulnerable—in every way. When they were together, the powers each possesses were mysteriously enhanced. But it’s the sexy, surprising woman beneath the tough exterior that Luke’s really missed. Even if she betrayed him utterly. And even if agreeing to help her uncover a government conspiracy means watching his life and his heart go up in flames again…


Keira O'Shay is a former firefighter who is now one of the best shooters the FBI has. For at least a year now, Keira has been trying to rescue a little boy that she can't explain why she's so drawn to. Rescuing Mateo is Keira's top priority.

When Keira's former lover is assigned to help her on the mission, though neither new the other was there, things get a little tense. Luke still loves Keira but is hurt by her decision to leave him. What hurts Luke even more is Keira's love for the child she knows nothing about, especially when the idea of  having children was one of the things that drove a wedge between her and Luke. But Keira's childhood defined who she is today, and it's something she's not shared with Luke.

Blaze (Phoenix Rising book 2) is actually the first book by Joan Swan that I've had the pleasure of reading. I really enjoyed the story. There seemed to be a lot of attention to detail in terms of the military actions, medical stuff, and the storytelling itself. And I felt that the romance aspect was well done. Of course, being the romance junkie that I am, I got a bit frustrated with Keira at times. I won't say why, of course! For the most part, I did understand the reasoning behind her actions.

This book is rather action packed and suspenseful with a nice slice of sexual tension between Luke and Keira. There is even a bit of mystery thrown in, which I imagine will lead nicely into the next book in the Phoenix Rising series. I was fascinated by the special abilities that Luke, Keira and their former firefighting team have because of a prior exposure to chemicals at a warehouse explosion. Their abilities help them greatly at times and gave the story its paranormal aspect. And although Mateo can only speak Greek, I loved his interaction with Keira and Luke. He's such a sweetheart. :)

Now, as I am no expert on proper sentence structure and such, I can't be sure that what I felt was wrong is in fact wrong, but one thing that seemed incorrect to me as I was reading was how it seemed as though there were incomplete sentences at times. For me, in those instances, it disrupted the flow of the story. If I would go back and combine what I thought was the incomplete sentence with the one before it, it flowed better. But seriously, other than that, I loved reading Blaze. I'm definitely going to have to get Fever so that I can get caught up with this series.

** I received a copy of Blaze from the author in exchange for an honest review.**

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