February 28, 2012

Review: To Seduce a Rogue by Tracy Sumner

Title: To Seduce a Rogue
Author: Tracy Sumner
Genre: Historical Romance
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NOTE:  Story is for mature readers due to some sexual content.

Goodreads Synopsis
He challenged her legacy.
She challenged him to love.

In 1850s South Carolina, ladies with ambition and a penchant for wearing trousers are rare indeed. But that’s Charlotte Whitney all over. Not only does Charlie yearn to resurrect her late father’s newspaper, she wants to be its editor. That position, however, has been handed to Richmond newspaperman Adam Chase. Undeterred, Charlie convinces Adam to teach her the journalism trade. In doing so, she teaches him how to open his heart.

Adam Chase had one goal in mind: to return Edgemont’s newspaper to its former glory and then make tracks back to the big city. But he faces one very tempting obstacle in outspoken Charlie Whitney. The newsroom becomes the battleground for a war between the sexes—until Adam surrenders to Charlie’s sultry charms. Together, they discover that the power of the press doesn’t hold a candle to the power of love.


Charlie Whitney grew up working alongside her father at his newspaper. She's very intelligent, well read and has a mind of her own. She doesn't really care what a proper lady should be doing. She's happy the way she is. When her father dies, the newspaper is turned over to Adam Chase, who only wants to get the newspaper back to the greatness it once was but he never expected he'd have to deal with someone like Charlie. 

Adam and Charlie clash from the start, of course, because Charlie's angry that Adam is there in the position of editor, which she very much wanted and is very capable of handling. It was fun seeing them butt heads with one another, frustrating them both.

Charlie feels that she doesn't need a man in her life, that she's quite capable of taking care of herself, and the newspaper, and Adam has a difficult past that makes him afraid to fall in love. So despite the obvious attraction they feel for each other, they fight it practically ever step of the way! But both of them have meddlesome friends in the form of Miles and Kath Lambert. There were some small segments in the story that went back to Miles and Kath that didn't seem particularly necessary to the story but were certainly entertaining. 

I very much enjoyed To Seduce a Rogue! I thought it was very well written with very few, very minor errors. The story moves along nicely and it contains just enough description to feel like you are right there with these characters. The one thing that I would have liked a little more detail about is Eaton, Adam's brother. You're told very little about what happened to him and I would have liked a little more since what happened is one of the things that defines who Adam is.

I look forward to reading more from Tracy Sumner. 

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