May 17, 2012

Review: Catch Me If You Can by Stacey Espino

Title: Catch Me If You Can
Author: Stacey Espino
Genre: Western Contemporary Erotic Romance
Publisher: Evernight Publishing (Jan 14th 2011)
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NOTE: Book suited for mature readers, 18+, due to sexual situations and language.

Goodreads Synopsis
Christina is an ordinary woman, working a dead-end job as a bank teller. When her late grandmother gives her the gift of a luxury vacation, she looks forward to the break from reality. But instead of an upscale resort, she arrives at a working ranch with three dead sexy cowboys. They may not offer to give her the spa treatment, but they're eager to please her in other ways.

Just when the relationship between Christina and her cowboys moves to the next level, she's forced to leave the ranch in order to protect the men she loves. She runs from them, knowing that if they catch her, she won't be able to stay away. But being together seems destined to failure. Can they overcome the obstacles facing their loving ménage?


Christina is a 27 year old woman who works at a bank, still lives with her parents to help them with the bills, and hasn't had a real relationship with a guy since a disastrous relationship with her high school crush. Really, she doesn't have much of a life at all.

When her grandmother dies, Christina if gifted the opportunity to spend two months in the country, which she loves, at a luxury resort ... or so Christina thinks. In reality, she ends up at a slightly run down ranch with bothers Noah and Jake and James, the guy that Noah raised when their father took James in but then he abandoned them all.

Although Christina doesn't think much of her own looks, because she's not particularly tall and she's curvier than she thinks most guys would like, all three cowboys feel a strong attraction to her. And she finds herself attracted to all three of them as well. She thinks maybe one of them will be just the man she's been hoping for. What she didn't expect was to fall in love with all three of them.

Life on the ranch isn't all perfect though. A businessman is out to destroy the wild mustangs that roam over the land, including the Golden Acres ranch, because they are holding up his building plans. The men will do whatever it takes to protect the horses, but now not only do they fear for the horses lives but also Christina's.

I really enjoyed this book. Apart from the menage aspect of the book (which I definitely enjoyed), I could really relate and connect with the character of Christina. She's just this genuinely nice person who wants to believe that there is good in everyone. She knows that James is hurting inside, though he doesn't want to admit it. His mother gave him away to Noah and Jake's father, though he didn't really care for James. Their father never seemed to care for anyone or anything except women and booze. Noah just wanted to keep his promise to Christina's grandmother and make sure that Christina had a good time while at the ranch. With their age difference, he figures that if Christina were to choose one of them, it would most likely be his brother Jake. So he's a little hesitant to pursue her. As for Jake, he, in a way, lived a life similar to their father's in that he went through woman like water and never had a lasting relationship, but when he meets Christina, he feels that things could be different with her. He realizes that he doesn't want the life he's been living. He just wants her.

I have to admit, I would have loved more of their story. There was a conclusion, of course, but I wasn't quite ready to leave their world yet. I am definitely looking forward to reading more of Stacey Espino's work!

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