May 19, 2012

Review: Claiming Their Mate by Stacey Espino

Title: Claiming Their Mate
Author: Stacey Espino
Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance
Publisher: Evernight Publishing (Apr 15th 2011)
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NOTE: Book suited for mature readers, 18+, due to sexual situations and language.

Goodreads Synopsis
Carna and her sisters carry the last of the royal blood. Every male shifter in the world craves to mate with one of the elusive princesses to secure their place in history. Only royal blood will ensure the continuation of all shifter species.

Although she may be the heir to future generations, Carna wants no part in a forced seduction. She's independent and wants to make her own choices, and mate for love, not out of necessity. Carna and her sisters split up and go into hiding, but not for long...

When a rogue group of shifters captures Carna and insists she choose one of them as her mate, she puts up the fight of her life, escaping into the forest. Once on the run again, she quickly learns that running and hiding are taking their toll on her. She needs to settle down and why not with one or more of the sexy men begging for her affections? But can she find love amongst all the chaos?


Carna is a werewolf princess with royal blood, and royal blood is needed to continue the shifter bloodlines. When a group of five shifters kidnap her with the intention of mating her for her royal blood, Carna fights back, but they all feel the pull to her of a true mate, and she feels the pull to all five of them. Being of royal blood normally means having three mates of different species, but Carna doesn't want to be forced to mate ... she wants love. The group of shifters who kidnapped her aren't her only concern though. There is a group of hunters that are capturing and/or killing wild animals.

Claiming Their Mate is the second book by Stacey Espino that I've read. The first being Catch Me If You Can which I really liked, so I was looking forward to reading more of Stacey's work. Claiming Their Mate is a paranormal romance, and it is one of my favorite genres to read. And I hate to say this, but I didn't enjoy this story as much as I enjoyed the other one. I liked it for what it was but was just a little disappointed, even a little confused at times. I found it a bit difficult keeping track of whose perspective I was reading at times.

As you might expect with a story like this, it's primarily about Carna and the shifters in which she's attracted to. There is a little bit at the beginning that explains about Carna and her sisters, about how they have been hiding in separate locations not even aware of where the others are. So then the bulk of the story consists of Carna's attempt to escape capture while unsure about her feelings towards the five shifters that had originally kidnapped her. Now, while you do get to know a little bit about the shifters themselves, I just felt like there wasn't enough of the storyline. I guess you could say that the story was mainly about the actual mating of Carna with Blue (black panther), Marcus (tiger), Jacob (bear), Austin (wolf) and Caleb (fox). But I would have liked to get to know the characters better. It seemed that as soon as I felt like I could connect with a character, the story would switch to another, and I would loose that connection with the previous character. And in the end, I didn't really feel connected to any of them.

Although I was disappointed with this book, I am still looking forward to reading more of Stacey Espino's work.

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